Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Tuesday February 9, 2010...Hola, Amigos!

I was just getting up from my morning nap and thought I would drop a note while awake. It's really terrible down here in the warmth and the gentle springlike breezes. I feel so guilty having this great weather and blue skies and greenery while the rest of the states are shoveling themselves out of terrible snowstorms. It's enough to make you lose your appetite for the fresh fruit that grows all around. Guilt makes it hard to fall asleep at siesta time - well maybe not "hard" - maybe "less easy". But I will survive and carry on. The ocean with it's gentle lapping waves was warm and blue and the sky with it's fluffy clouds was a deep blue - and the sun was very bright and just a bit too warm, so we could only spend a few hours on the beach before frequenting one of the wonderful restaurants in the area. There are a lot of retirees out and about and since I am one of the younger ones, it makes me feel springier. That's a nice feeling!

It will be hard to return to the harsh cold reality of winter after this dreamlike vacation here in the eternal springtime of south Texas. Adios for now.

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