Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Wednesday January 27, 2010...The call of the warmth

Well, my friends and relatives talked me into it.
I'm heading south to the sunshine and warmth of the borderlands.

So many of my friends and relatives migrate south in the winter that it got me to thinking of the relative values of staying here and braving the cold, wet, miserable, cloudy, bleak winter or lolling about in shorts and t shirts enjoying the balmy breezes and sunshine of south Texas. It was no contest.

I have always appreciated the changing of the seasons, but after a few days of the cold, I'm ready for better weather. My sister and her husband spend time down near Brownsville, Texas and I used to know a fellow steelman who spent time down there too. They both bragged of the great weather and the fresh vegetables and lazy days.

I gather that there isn't a lot to do, but to be a lazy bum and just sit back and vegetate with all the other vegetables, but I can do that for a while. I plan on visiting the coast and counting the pebbles on the beach and the clouds in the sky. I also plan on trying the local Mexican restaurant fare. Maybe a nap or two. Maybe count the stars at night (I hear they are big and bright).

It will be quite different from the brisk, bone aching crystal clear cold to the bone weather here in Missouri. I admit that I'm a lot weaker than I used to be - I can't resist the call of the warmth.

It's calling me now-----
Adios for a while.


  1. don't count on it as we're just past "Blizzard Warnings" here in SE Arizona. But, yea it's still warmer than where you are.

  2. Warmer is better! You snowbirds already figured that out, though. Wintering in the warmth and Summering in the cool makes a lot of sense. It's nice that you have a hobby/vocation that allows you to do that. Wait a minute --- Blizzard warnings in Arizona?? Can't be!! That destroys my daydreams of sunshine and bluebirds and desert flowers. It must have been your imagination?