Thursday, October 15, 2009

Thursday October 15, 2009...It's already Fall

Here it is the middle of October already. I don't know that I'm ready for the cooler weather. We actually had a very mild summer and when I was out in Colorado last month it got downright cool. There was snow in the high country and the Aspen has turned already. I'm including some nice pictures of the Aspen and mountains. The altitude takes away your breath (or is it the beauty of the mountains?). In any event, I can't romp around in the high country like I could years ago. I'm really glad that I have those memories to look back on. Now I enjoy just sitting back by the fire and viewing the clouds and the mountains. It's peaceful and quiet when you get up there and there are few, if any, people around. During the summer, there are lots of people and during the winter, there are lots of skiers and snowmobilers. But in the fall, the few people you see are there just to observe and enjoy. It was nice to get away from the constant political arguments and the sorry business climate and just be one with nature. Now it's time to get out the Christmas jack-o=lantern and the Thanksgiving yule log and prepare for all the sales. Enjoy the pictures.

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