Friday, May 01, 2009

Friday May 1, 2009...Stories

We all have our stories.

I just now published Dad's Story on Blurb. It was a collection of memories he wrote down about his childhood in Wichita, Kansas. I wanted to preserve his memories for my grandson and other folks in our family. My story is still incomplete but ongoing. Each of us has his or her share of memories, sweet or sad, that have affected his or her life. Often we just carry on and let the stories pass away. It would be better for some of these stories to be written down and passed along to those who care so that they could better understand who we are and why we are the way we are.

We influence so many other people in our lives and if those people care to really understand us, it would help to know the underlying factors that brought us to be who we have become. Some stories may be dull. Others may be highly fraught with doom and disaster. Each story bears telling.

If you're like me, you have put off writing down your memories of childhood and young adulthood. It seems like it was just the other day, but it was another world back then before so many changes in society. Our descendants should know what life was really like back then, before the advent of all the discoveries that changed our world.

I'm going to get to my story one of these days.

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