Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sunday February 23, 2009...Admiration

All of us appreciate admiration, although many of us have a hard time accepting it from others. I have always admired people who are mechanically inclined and can work on electronics and automobiles and such. They don't think anything about taking out an engine and repairing it. They think it is the most natural thing in the world to be able to analyze and repair automobiles. Or think about people who really know their sports statistics and all the trivia relating to sports, I can't hold a candle to those people. I have always admired people who can sit down and write novels – they invent a world and create a story that all of us can appreciate and enjoy. Artists conceive remarkable visions in their minds and somehow convey that in other media.

I have enjoyed admiration lately from people who appreciate the video and photographic endeavors that I have taken on for our reunion. It isn't work, it's fun for me and it doesn't feel as though it's anything special to me. I look for the challenge of presenting photos and music in an interesting way and it's fun when it works. It's hard for me to consider that it's not anything that anyone else could have done with just a little effort. I suppose I'm just like the mechanics and artists that I admire just for having the ability to do something that not all people can do. I've been dabbling with computers since the 1970's trying to find out what I can make this machine do. It's such a useful tool and with the increasing capabilities of the modern personal computer, it's hard to keep up with all the things it can now do. But it is fun to try. And it is fun to be appreciated. Thanks.

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