Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Wednesday August 27, 2008...Time for change

The Republicans invaded two sovereign countries on the pretext of saving the world from terrorism while never vanquishing those responsible for true acts of terrorism in our own country. The Republicans defeated and occupied those sovereign countries and still haven't brought to justice those responsible for the 9-11 acts of terrorism. The Republicans are now pointing fingers at Iran and preparing to war against them and still aren't finding and containing Al-Quaida, those guilty of assaulting our country. Seven years without justice. Seven years of invasion. Seven years of occupation. Seven years of unrequited terror. Thousands of lives lost because of invisible weapons of mass destruction. Billions of dollars lost because of misguided military missions. And still the responsible terrorist remain free. We point fingers at others while letting the real terrorist make videos and taunt us.

We need a change of leadership. We have wasted years and lives and dollars and invaded other homes while never finding the true criminals. We have destroyed other homes and lives and countries in the process. We have to stop and reconsider. We have to direct our forces responsibly. We need to work with the rest of the world to find the true criminals instead of invading and crushing bystanders.

The Democrats offer another way to deal with the problem. The Republicans weren't able to solve the problem and John McCain says he will continue in the same manner. More of the same is not the answer. Let's try something else. Maybe we can save some lives. Maybe we can save some dollars. Maybe we can salvage our reputation. Maybe we can redirect our efforts and help ourselves.

It is definitely time for change.

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