Thursday, August 30, 2007

Thursday August 30, 2007 Inspiration

My daughter sent me directions to a website which offered inspirational thoughts.

After all these years, I have all the inspirational thoughts I need tucked away in my own brain. When you get older and wiser, like me, you have a wealth of advice and inspiration just waiting to be tapped.

Generally, I have a useful saying for most any event that I am more than willing to interject in any conversation – just give me a chance. Of course, when I offer this sage advice, the conversation grows respectfully quiet and as they turn away, I'm sure they are filled with awe and admiration and find themselve choked with feeling. At least I assume so because generally the conversation ends with my interjection. But does that disappoint me, NO. It encourages me to offer more and more to all within audible range.

Yessir, I'm ready to spout wise and knowledgable quotes at the drop of a hat – of course, noone wears a hat anymore. I notice that lately I haven't been to to many gatherings where I get a chance to philosophize for others. I'm sure that it's just a coincidence.

So I thought why not offer bits and pieces of my mind in my blog. That way I can reach the millions of people who read my blog religiously. It could be similar to Poor Richard's Almanac, although more up to date. That way my daughter could send directions to her friends to my site for inspirational thoughts. Of course, I wouldn't want to become too famous – just recognized for my wit and sagacity.

My thought for today:

Never do today what you can put off till tomorrow. (but keep a list of things to do – you'll feel better)

Till next time.
This is your older and wiser inspirationist, Bob.


  1. Since your daughter sent me directions to your blog for some wise and wonderful advice - I'll just say thanks! It is great to put off until tomorrow - I try it often!
    Sharon in Ohio

  2. I better step up to the plate and confess I come here often too. It's all your daughter's fault. I practice your words of wisdom all the time! I just didn't know it until today :)

  3. Sorry for not responding sooner, I just kept putting it off till tomorrow. But today is the first day of the rest of my life and tomorrow never comes, so I'm glad You're taking a bit of my sage and thyme advice. Today is a good day to sit back and eat bon=bons.

  4. oh what sage advice!...Iput it off till I got home from a fun weekend,and sat here and read for a bit and almost put it off again..the sometimers os kicking in.