Saturday, August 18, 2007

Saturday August 18, 2007 The President lost his brain!

Another sad event this week – the President lost his brain.

Well, actually, it wasn't his brain at all – it was just one he used most of the time so he could think of more important things, like splitting wood in Crawford, Texas and how to help his buddies keep more of their money.

I'm speaking of Karl Rove, the President's borrowed brain, who announced this week that he is moving on to greener pastures. Without Karl and Rumsfeld to advise him, I'm not sure what George can do or say without appearing foolish – just like the good old days. Have you ever noticed that he surrounds himself with people he considers shmart so he won't have to do the thinking? That way, when things go wrong, he can point to someone else and say “It was HIS idea”.

Luckily, George doesn't have to run another campaign and all he has to do at work is have dinners and veto laws passed by congress and plan for his presidential library. His library will have to be a lot bigger than his dad's or Bill Clinton's what with all his military escapade when he was defending Texas and all the party paraphanalia and such. Of course it won't actually have a library, because he doesn't have many books and most of his documents will be sealed away for decades – but it will have many statues and picutes. He's really good with pictures!

Some of us aren't unhappy that the President lost his brain. Some of us thought that the brain he was using was a bit abynormal anyway, or at least bent way off to the right side too much. He really needs a balanced brain with a lot more on the left side. I guess he's going to have to make do like the scarecrow in “The Wizard of Oz” with a diploma in lieu of a brain.

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