Sunday, April 01, 2007

Sunday April 1, 2007 Their Day?

Today is their day and we need to salute them.

Send your accolades to all those fools who somehow ended up in Washington. No matter how good they look in their 30 second sound bytes on TV, we learn later that we have indeed sent another goshdurn fool to represent us. The trouble is that they in turn choose as their lieutenants and advisors other fools. We end up with one fool taking another fool's advice and it turns out to be an Abbot and Costello tragedy – or perhaps a version of the Three Stooges. Even when we prosecute them for their mistakes, they don't seem to fathom what they have done. They revel in their foolishness and we might get a kick out of watching their antics if it didn't affect so many of us negatively.

So today is their day – a Fool's day. Unfortunately they will reign on many more.

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