Friday, April 27, 2007

Friday April 27, 2007 Veto? Okay!

So what happens if Bush remains stubborn and won't sign the funding bill that covers the expenses of the occupation of Iraq? What happens if the Congress says okay and refuses to send through another funding bill? Does that mean that we won't have the funds to maintain the occupation and will be forced to send our troops home? That way George can say “We had to bring the boys home, I didn't want to but was forced to.” and Congress can say “The people wanted this to end and now it has.”.

Not a bad outcome if you think about it. It's turned out to be a civil war over there between two different sects of the same religion who have been warring for a thousand years and who are likely to keep it up for many more. We somehow got stuck in the middle (mainly because of the oil). How does it hurt us if we just walk away and let them settle their own religious differences?

How did we become the police force for the world? We don't have unlimited resources. We are losing our manufacturing to other countries and we owe just about everybody in the world with our extreme national debt and yet some of us feel like we have to be the world referee. Perhaps we need to give up our imperial thinking and pull back to look our for ourselves. Here is our chance to start that process.

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