Saturday, March 10, 2007

Saturday March 10, 2007? Savings time?

Tomorrow we change our clocks again. This year it comes 3 weeks earlier, for some unexplained reason, and it will last one week later. If congress can pretend that now is later, for now, then why can't we do something similar?

Being retired now, I find myself sleeping later and I often geel guilty about that. I suppose it's leftover training from all those years of alarm clocks and having to be at an exact spot at an exact time. I got to thinking about this arbitrary time keeping that we call “daylight savings time”. Actually, retired people don't need to save daylight. They have all the daylight they need. What if we created our own time – we could call it “Bob's daylight time”. Since I sleep a bit later, instead of moving the clock up, I will move the clock back an hour. So when your clock, set at daylight savings time, says 9:00, mine will say 7:00 and I won't feel guilty anymore. The only problem I forsee is that television shows will be on way too early in the evening so I will record the shows and turn the calendar back one day and watch them on time. By Bob's time, this will be yesterday two hours earlier. When I watch today's shows tomorrow, it will be my today. And when I make my payments, I have to remember to make them early so you will think they are on time. If I pay them on time by my calendar, you will think them late my yours.

Now that we have that all straightened out, you will have to adjust your visits and calls to my time and calendar. When you come by on the weekend, be sure what day it is and be sure what time it is. Other than that, we should have no problems. I think this could be the start of a great system.

What if everybody adjusted their clocks and calendars to their own particular needs, like congress?

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