Friday, February 02, 2007

Friday February 2, 2007 Latest News

Have you seen the latest news?

The NIE report (national intelligence estimate) says that no matter what we do right now in Iraq, it won't work. There is too much divisiveness in the country for the various groups to ever unite. It appears that the future will have to deal with partitioning the country. We are dying while trying to save the unity of the country and they don't want it. Their concerns date back over a thousand years and are embedded in their society. Our democracy won't work over there.

The latest report and forecast for the earth says that no matter what we do right now to stop additional greenhouse gas pollution, the earth will continue to get hotter and the weather will get wilder because the effects of the pollution to date will take a century to be fully realized. And we're not curbing the pollution – we're just trying to slow down the increase.

Where can I get a large handbasket? We're going to need one where we're going.

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