Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Tueseday January 23, 2007 The state of our union

What is the state of our union?

In the past 6 years, we have seen the state of our union deteriorate. We have seen terrorists strike us in the heart of New York. We have seen natural catastrophes like hurricane Katrina wipe out a whole city. We have seen our economic situation slip from balanced budget to the largest deficit in history. We have started a major war with two countries and have not finished either one. We have ignored the plight of our uninsured countrymen and given great tax breaks to the wealthy. The state of our union is deplorable. Under the guidance of the Republican party our union has been plundered and we have been separated into the rich and the poor with little care from those in power for those without. We have watched other countries bypass our own in medical care and educational benefits. We have taken the attitude that you can buy whatever you can afford, leaving a great society for the rich and the rest of us watching from the outside. We start to look to other countries hungrily wondering why we can't have what they have.

This isn't the same United States that I grew up in. We cared more about the average man than we did for the special interests. Even the rich made a semblance of caring. No more. There is only greed for wealth and power.

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