Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Wednesday November 1, 2006 Age creeps in

Okay, so I am a bit more cautious than when I was a kid!
And I don't take as many reckless chances as I did when I was a teenager. And I'm a bit slower than I was when I was a young man. But, I still feel and think in my mind that I have never really grown up. I still have moments when I want to whoop and holler, maybe just not so loud.

The years flew by, many without my even noticing them. All the dear friends from my youth have gone their own ways for many years, but I still remember each and every one of them as they were long ago. The world has kept on turning and the old problems have disappeared or changed into new problems. Life goes on and friends and relations pass away or move away and my world becomes just a bit sadder and just a bit lonlier. I still enjoy the sunsets and the mountains and the fresh spring air. I still enjoy the smells and the sounds.

Life can be so sweet at moments, and yet there are times like this when I feel age beginning to creep in on me and I cringe because I really don't want to grow up yet.

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