Friday, November 03, 2006

Friday November 3, 2006 Opinion polls

It's amazing how popular I've become the last few weeks.

I get between 4 and 6 calls everyday from complete strangers asking for my help in getting their candidate elected. I also receive about 10 emails a day and 3 or 4 lettters a day informing me of how important I am in the overall scheme of this election. People want to take a poll of my opinions and they want to know just what I think of this or of that.

I feel really special!

Of course, when I try to engage the caller in a meaningful conversation they tend to want to cut the conversation short while I want to delve deeper into what they really believe about the underlying problems. It's hard to have a meaningful discussion in just a few minutes. Next week I will probably sink back into my anonymity just like a month ago. But for now, I just want to revel in my importance.

Does anyone out there want my opinion on anything? Anything at all?

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