Saturday, October 07, 2006

Saturday October 7, 2006 Chagrin

Am I chagrined?

I didn't know that anyone was actually reading my blatherings. I thought I was writing my thoughts as they occurred for my daughters to read someday and get to know the real me as shown by these writings. One of my favorite relatives from Minnesota stopped by the other day and said how she usually checked on my blog to see what was happening in my world. It was a surprise to me that anyone was checking in on me.

I apologize to any of you secret and very quiet readers that I have been remiss in writing over these last few months. Everything has been smooth and orderly for a while and I have had no complaints. My daughter and grandson visited with my for 3 weeks earlier in the summer and I have had the house insides being repainted – ceilings and walls over the month of September. The house should be almost like new in another month or so. I am having large murals put on the entry wall and one of the living room walls. These murals are of woodland scenes and should bring a lot of depth and color to the house. At the same time I am having the bathrooms retiled and repainted so they will seem much newer. It's been a mess around here while this was all being done. Furniture was moved from one area to another and everything stripped off the walls. I'm not sure where everything was put, but I'm sure it will all show up someday.

Meanwhile, I still have the same feelings and thoughts regarding our world.

I truly believe that we are all in this together and that we all need to look out for each other. It shouldn't be every man for himself. It should be all for one and one for all. If this makes me a liberal, then I am proud to be one. I believe that we have established and ordained our own government to help us watch out for each other and to help us keep order and to protect ourselves. When the government acts against our will and acts to help special interests against the greater good, it needs to be changed. I believe that we need our government to help us with our education, our health and welfare and our protection. If we have a healthy, educated population it will help us all live better lives. If only the rich can afford the good education and the healthcare that all people need, then our government is failing to fulfill one of it's basic purposes. Of course, it needs to regulate and oversee many aspects of our society to keep the cheaters from taking advantage of the rest of us, but it shouldn't be helping them.

Right now, it seems to me that special interests (especially the larger corporate interests) control our government and we are losing out. The rich are getting richer and the middle and poorer classes are losing out. The longer this take place, the harder it will be to correct. Hopefully, it won't take a major catastrophe to awaken the people and change what's been happening.

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  1. Hello Bob. Jim McConnell here from the Delta Chi UMKC day's. I check your blog daily and have just forwarded the address to my two son's that I think are in agreement with a lot of your thinking. One lives in Snowmass Colorado and jut moved to Carbondale but works in Snomass and the younger son lives in Mountainview. California and works for American Century Mutual Funds. Their ages are 33 and35.