Saturday, September 16, 2006

Saturday September 16, 2006 One thing leads to another

One thing leads to another.

It's been hectic the last 2 weeks and will remain so till the end of the month.

My ceilings needed to be painted and they needed some repair where the sheetrock tape was loose and showing seams. I thought I would have them textured to give them a newer, cleaner look and to hide the flaws.

When you have the ceilings textured, it adds quite a bit of moisture to the area and if you have any loose tape, it will come loose, and it would do the same to any wallpapered areas. I had to have the wallpaper stripped and walls and ceilings repaired, then all walls painted. In the bathroom some mold was discovered behind the tile so it had to be torn out and replaced.

Now that the walls and ceilings are bright and clean, the rug looks dingy and will have to be replaced in the high traffic areas. The old curtains and drapes need to be replaced or at least dry cleaned. I'm replacing the floor and table lamps.

One thing leads to another and it all ends up being done at the same time.
A simple idea with good intentions often leads to a complicated course of actions and a lot of cost.

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