Saturday, May 27, 2006

Saturday May 27, 2006 Memorial day memories

Your memorial day list grows longer as you grow older. Many of the people you shared life with have passed away as your years have passed by, grandparents, mothers and fathers, aunts and uncles, friends and companions from years ago. It seems, as you grow older and older, that your world of friends and acquaintances grows smaller and smaller. I know that by the time my father was in his eighties, he felt that most of the world he knew had somehow passed out of reach and that the world that now existed was something unknown and strange. He reached out for familiar things and places and they grew less and less obtainable. My memory is growing longer and I recognize that the world is changing faster and faster. As my contemporaries pass away or grow more distant, my world shrinks to a smaller group of loved ones and acquaintances. It is a comfort to see those people I know and to think about those who came before and are now just memories.
May your memorial day be filled with pleasant memories.

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