Sunday, April 24, 2005

Sunday April 24, 2005 It's been a while

It's been a while since writing to this. It's not that I haven't had many thoughts, it's just that I've been lazy about taking the time to write them down. Several people have mentioned that they keep an eye on me by way of my blog - It's nice to know that people care.
Anybody who knows me knows that I am a gadget guy and I've been playing with my latest accumulation of gadgets these last few weeks. I got a dvd recorder that will record old videos onto dvd and and also record from TV to disk. I've done a whole lot of each. I also got some software that helps me record bits and pieces from various sources onto dvd - very handy - but very time consuming. It keeps me off the streets.

Among the many passing thoughts I've had recently, I've really noticed that time in our lives really varies as we pass along.

The first 20 years of my life were so filled with learning and events and discovery and achievements that the time passed very slowly and I was able to savor each and every moment, emotion, discovery as they passed. I passed through grade school, boy scouts, high school, college, girlfriends, marriage, getting out on my own. Years tuly filled with memories and emotions.

The next 20 years passed by much faster with events and memories more spaced out. I passed through establishing a family, a home, a career, a divorce, getting to know myself and learning what I really cared about.

The third set of 20 years flew by without my hardly noticing them. The events were momentous, but spaced out so that each year tended to blend into the landscape of all the years.
I passed through leaving my job for 2 years to travel around the United States then going into business for myself for a while. I eventually went back to work at Builders Steel for awhile until leaving to go out on my own. Then I found a new career being a Cad operator before finally finishing out my career back with Builders. During this time my girls finished their college educations and found their marriage partners. This time was well spent, but passed so very quickly.

Now I'm in my fourth set of 20 years and I'm learning how to deal with the trials and tribulations of growing older while enjoying the time to contemplate and to follow some of my interests. If the pattern continues, I'm sure that this time will fly by before I notice.

What you have to carry forward through each of these periods of time is your memories of previous events. It's really up to you to find the joy in the moment to carry forward in your memories.

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  1. good to see you posting again.....

    a new gizmo to play with....are you recording those family gatherings to DVD so beth & I can have a copy.......and what about the video from your long trip...actaully any of your long is always going
    looking forward to your visit (in less than 2 weeks)