Sunday, April 10, 2005


Make good memories for yourself. After all else is gone you will still have your memories.

Deep within my mind lie memories of a distant youthful world in which I once dwelt. The events and places have all disappeared from time and space, yet the memories are there for me to view whenever I feel the need. Some memories are tinged with flavors of regret or happiness. Details have faded from some memories, yet they leave an image in my mind like an abstract painting with long forgotten feelings touching my soul. Some memories are sharp and vivid and still bring to me the feelings I had at that moment. I can still feel the loss, the love, the regret, the loneliness, the joy, the fear that once I had. They all will fade with time and we will be left with golden memories, remembering the good times and forgetting the sad times, until at last we will remember no more.

I hope to leave pleasant memories behind for others to occasionally enjoy.

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