Friday, March 04, 2005

Friday March 4, 2005 Dad

My dad has always been my hero.

He is the one who instilled the sense of personal and family pride in me. He set the example for me in how a man should shoulder responsibility through his manner and through his works.

When mom got cancer and struggled with life over the next 16 years while slowly withering away, my father was a tower of strength and caring. He waited on mom and saw to her needs till the very end. He slept in her hospital room for days when she was really ailing. He was her guardian angel. They were married for 60 years and I have no doubt that he loved her every day of those 60 years.

Dad carried on after mom passed away. She was one of the reasons for him to continue and when she left him behind, I’m sure he questioned what there was left to do. He turned to his children and has shared his love and strength with all of us. He ties our family together.

Dad is now 89 and his health is slowly failing and he doesn’t have the strength to do many of the simple things in life. Parts of your body quit before the body as a whole and you notice. His vision is failing and his strength has dwindled and his balance isn’t what it was. His mind is still sharp, but sometimes he can’t catch a quick thought like he could.

Dad is in the hospital today and I’m hoping that they can help restore some quality to his life. A man like him deserves to retain his dignity and have some quality of life to carry forward.

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  1. hey dad & G'pa
    know that we love you and are holding you in our thoughts