Friday, March 25, 2005

Friday March 25, 2005 When is it better to be a dog?

A very strange question, yet very true in some situations. In Terri Schiavo's case, the courts have determined that if she could have her druthers, she would choose not to be kept alive by artificial means. I firmly believe the same thing for myself. The only problem is that instead of offering the person a reasonable and painless way to relieve the misery, the only recourse allowed by society is to starve and/or let the person die of thirst. If a dog is suffering and cannot be made well, we put it to sleep humanely and without pain and suffering. Why can't we do the same for a human. At this point in Terri's life there is no hope for a future and all of society knows that the inevitable consequence is death and yet we will only allow her to pass away by knowingly depriving her of sustenance and relief - makes no sense. If and when such a time might occur in my life, I hope that there will be a pill offered that will alllow me to pass peacefully on without causing emotional trauma to my friends and relatives.

Maybe I can just go to the Vet's office for help?

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