Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Tuesday February 24, 2015...Wheezing and Sputtering?

You know how an old car sputters and backfires? 

Sometimes the radiator lets off steam and sometimes oil leaks from the engine. 

The fuel pump gets clogged and the carburetor wheezes. 

The body gets scratched and dented.

The shocks and struts don’t cushion like they used to.

You keep putting fuel in the tank, but you don’t get the mileage or the performance that you used to get. 

Maybe your windshield gets cracked and you can’t see out as well as you used to. 

There are just so many tuneups in the life of the old car and there comes a point where it starts to fall apart. You try to clean it up and polish it, but it won’t ever be new again. That’s all right – it gave some glorious trips and some dependable transportation along the way and it’s not quite ready for the junk yard.

I’ve been sputtering and wheezing this last week – luckily not to much backfiring, but I can tell that the old jalopy is not new any more. I’ve been taking my medicine and trying to get as much mileage as I can. Sometimes, when you’re sick and tired, you look back on the course you’ve driven and appreciate the wonderful views you’ve enjoyed and the great scenery of your life. It’s been a great trip so far and I’m not ready to detour yet, but I do appreciate all the fine people who have copiloted with me. 

Someday, we will all be gone and a new generation will be taking their excursions. 
I hope they have as good a time as I have had.   

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  1. Dearest Brother Bob, You are still sharp as a tack and a formidable chess opponent. Certainly no sputtering nor backfiring at the chess board. And we even agree on most political ideas. Hope you are still up for some chess tomorrow.