Sunday, June 10, 2012

Sunday June 10, 2012...The bullies are here and winning

Apparently, that is the way of man – the strong dominate the weak and there is no charity in their hearts. Regardless of reigning theology where kindness and charity are the ideals, the strong bully will rise to become the dominant force in each nation. Businesses are run by strong uncaring men who have risen to become king of the hill by beating their competition. The only strength the weak have is in their numbers. They may harbor charity and forgiveness and other redeemable qualities, but the forces that dominate the businesses and the nations are without question selfish and unforgiving and focused only on their ultimate goal.

We, in the United States, thought we had set up checks and balances in our government to avoid being bullied by the stronger ones. The powers that be noted that we were willing to sacrifice some of those checks during times of national insecurity. When wars broke out of turmoil reigned, we temporarily held our bill of rights in abeyance for security purposes. Now that the powers have declared that we are in an unending war of terrorism, they have canceled many of those rights that protected us from them. This war is clearly undefinable and perhaps will never end, so we have lost and they have taken control away from us.

They have the power. They have the money. They have the media. They have the political system. They have the armed forces. They have the courts. They have the police. We have only our numbers and we are in disarray. The only way the numbers can gain back control is to become united in purpose. We are their support service. Without our labor they have no way to keep their system alive. Without our efforts, the system completely stops – no transport, no utilities, no food supply, no business, no banking, nothing works. They have accumulated their power, their money, their system all from our efforts. We were all born naked and powerless – why are they allowed to consume so much from all of our efforts? The strong bully will rake in what he wants and deny anyone else a fair share simply because he thinks he is better or stronger. The rest of us need to make the bully realize that he can't have what is not his to control, but must share with the rest of us.

Now we just have to wake up the people and unite them. They need to realize that we are being brainwashed to accept an unequal distribution as being fair and right when it is dreadfully wrong. We have been coaxed to fight among ourselves over unimportant matters while they have been carefully raking in as much as they can of our world. They hide the truth by determining what news we shall be presented. They hide their political takeover by controlling who we are allowed to vote for. They have taken over the courts and changed the laws to suit themselves and to deprive us of our rights. They are successfully fighting our right to organize and protest. We are like cattle being led to the slaughter without even noticing what has been happening.

Just keep quiet and don't disturb the bullies. Maybe they will leave you something.

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