Thursday, March 04, 2010

Thursday March 4, 2010...Come on, Spring!

My sister is still down in southern Texas enjoying the warmth. Meanwhile, I am watching the snow melt on the north side of the house.

I'm really ready for spring! The days are getting just a bit longer and it's light even up into dinner time, but the grass is still brown and the trees are still bare and I'm no tired of the drabness of winter. At least we avoided the heavy snowfall that hit the east coast. They have had a really rough winter and I'm sure they don't sympathize with me at all. The weather here is slowly climbing (more like inching up). The high is going to be in the 50s this weekend but the nights are still in the 30s.

I want 80 so badly. 80 degrees with a light breeze and blue skies and fluffy clouds will be no nice. I won't even complain about mowing the grass. I will open the window in my bedroom and smell the springtime smells. It will be so nice.

Come on, Spring!!

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