Monday, December 21, 2009

Monday December 21, 2009...Nearing the end

I don't write nearly as often as I did. I'm not as mad as I was when the Iraq war was in full swing. I know that the Afghan war is coming to the forefront and growing day by day, but I don't feel quite as angry about it as I did about the Iraq war. Maybe you become desensitized after a bit? Maybe I'm just hopeful that we have a reasonable man in charge right now. It does seem that he is trying to help the common person and isn't quite the elitist that we had to endure. President Obama didn't come into this world with a silver spoon in his mouth and he knows what most of the people are feeling about the events that affect us all. I hope that he will let that knowledge guide him in his decision making and not let the few and special interests control our politics.

I was starting to get angry about this health care initiative being boycotted completely by the Republicans in spite of the majority of the population wanting it, but now that the Democrats are trying their best to work around the blockade of the special interests and big money, maybe we can all be less agitated and feel better about things.

It's the end of a rough year for the economy and the job market, but the Iraq war seems to be less of a commitment for our boys and there seems to be some movement towards a better future for the world. Let's hope that peace will come and that prosperity will return and that health will be assured for each and every one of us.

Merry Christmas and a Hopeful Happy New Year!

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