Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Tuesday August 4, 2009...Generations

My grandson informed me the other night that I was no longer an adult – I was now a senior. His parents are adults and he is a junior. I got the impression that he didn't believe seniors were quite aware of how the world works – that is in the realm of adults. I think he believes that seniors and juniors are about equal and should listen to the adults.

Unfortunately, much of society thinks along these same lines as they dismiss the wealth of information available from seniors who have been through the wringer and have very clear views of how to handle many of the situations that people now find themselves in. We seniors have been there and done that and have some valuable insight in how to handle a situation that may be new to the adults out there.

What do you know?
Your world was different from my world.
Your opinion doesn't carry as much weight as my attitude.

It seems that each generation must stumble it's way through the same problems that we have already passed through and won't listen to advice given from those older and more experienced. It really is a shame.

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