Monday, December 08, 2008

Monday December 8, 2008...A Friend died today

Today we lost a bit of the light in this world.
A friend died today. Richard Copaken was his name.
He was a long lost friend from my teenage years that I had just rediscovered.
And now he's gone. He's gone before I had a chance to revisit our past.
He's gone before I had a chance to renew our friendship from many years ago.
He's gone and although I haven't seen him in years, he was part of my life and I will miss him.

He was always a joy to be with and an inspiration to look up to.
He was someone to emulate and appreciate.
I was so happy to have found him after all these years and looked forward to our next visit.
He was taken in just a matter of weeks since I found him again and I'm so sorry that I missed the opportunity to share memories with him.

I shall miss my friend.

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