Saturday, November 29, 2008

Saturday November 29, 2008...Busy times

Okay, so it's been a very busy season up till now. With birthdays and Thanksgiving and working on a video for our class reunion and getting ready for members of my family to share our home, it's been very busy. Right now, I've done my Christmas shopping (holding down on the expenditures this year) and the bird has been eaten or frozen and the birthday parties are finished for a while and the reunion committee is resting over the holidays – so it's time to put on the Christmas music and get out the decorations and get in the proper mood.

I really enjoy Christmas, mainly because I enjoy my family and I enjoy doing for others. At Christmas you have the perfect excuse to do for others without causing any repercussions. I have a really great family and love each and every one of them very much. We are very close and we support each other. Even when some of us are away, we stay in weekly contact and try to visit whenever possible. Christmas is our time of the year to share our love and be happy for each other.

Since I've been working on this reunion video, I have been remembering friends and events from long ago and how important many of those people were to me back then. It's a shame we lost each other for all these years. I envy one particular group of women from our class who have maintained their friendship over all these years and are still the best of friends. They have love and support within their group wherever they happen to be. It must be very comforting – much like family.

My personal family will be growing when my youngest daughter, my son-in-law and grandson come to share our home. The upcoming and developing financial crises may affect many people but we will be fine working together as a family unit. My daughter and her family might as well have been stranded out in the middle of Wyoming because of the dearth of opportunities and friends. Back here in Kansas City, there will be much more opportunity and better health care and more friends and family. It should be a win-win situation. I have a home that is much larger than what one person needs – it should be just right for the 4 of us plus their pets. I have never been a great pet person, and they have 2 dogs and 3 cats and a bird and a lizard of some type, so the household will be in for some changes. Over the years, plants and pets have usually died on me, so maybe with their care I will get a chance to appreciate the joys of pet ownership vicariously. (just so they clean up any messes).

Life will be interesting, but that's what makes life fun.

By the way, Be sure to check out my recipes. I just made some sourdough bread for thanksgiving and some pumpkin bread AND IT WAS GREAT.

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