Sunday, May 25, 2008

Sunday May 25, 2008...Control of election

28% of Americans approve of the way Bush is running this country. That's a low percentage, but if it is an organized and active percentage, they still have a chance of controlling the election. Let's say that we only have a 50% turnout for the election because people are disgruntled and have given up. In that case, if the 28% all turn out, they will win the election.

We need to make sure that the 72% who disapprove of the way the country is being run all turn out to vote for the candidate of their choice and keep the election a fair and honest forum.

In Kansas City, over the years, we have seen organized factions who make sure that their voters are escorted to the polls often win elections when there is a poor turnout. The same thing for years was the rule in the rural south where minorities were discouraged from voting and the voting was controlled by organized blocks of white voters. Let's hope that the same scenario doesn't hold for this next national election.

As long as there is a sizeable turnout and the election is a fair sampling of what the majority really wants, then it will be acceptable.

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