Monday, February 25, 2008

Monday February 25, 2008....I'm back

I remember, as a child, being chided for not THINKING before performing some act that got me in trouble.
“Put on your THINKING CAP!” was another saying used quite often.
THINK before you act!

All these reminders over all these years to always THINK.

Sometimes you need to just BE, without thinking.

Just to sit and be a rock. Just to lie back and watch the clouds roll by. Just to float in the ocean wherever the water take you. Sometimes you need to give your mind a vacation. I've been letting my mind just relax while I read voraciously and let the books take me to worlds beyond my imagination. They lead me on without hardly any effort on my part and I find the time has flown by without a worry or an extraneous thought to bother my troubled mind. My mind has been on vacation, not worrying about Iraq or politics or weather catastrophes or crimes against nature or anything beyond my own realm. I have lost my mind in the characters of the books and totally relaxed my thoughts. It's been good.

But now I must collect my THOUGHTS and make my PLANS for the future and get back to the stark realities of the present world. I have to put my THINKING CAP back on.

It was nice to lose my mind for a bit and take a slight vacation.

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