Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Tuesday December 4, 2007....Iran with no Nucular weapons? Huh?

So, did someone forget to tell the president that Iran halted nuclear weapons development in 2003? Or did he just ignore the facts again?

Four years ago, they stopped. For four years the president has been shouting and pointing fingers and prodding Iran in front of the rest of the world for being evil and all the time our intelligence agencies knew that it wasn't true. It sure makes us look like the big bully on the block, doesn't it? Put these facts together with our invasion of Iraq for illegitimate reasons and we really look like war mongers, don't we.

Meanwhile, you have North Korea with a real threat being pretty much ignored and countries in Africa carrying out genocide and mass murders without a single american soldier being sent to help maintain peace. It looks like we are only concerned with countries that have something we want. Since George is an oil man and the son of an oil man, he understands that we need oil so he seems to want to deal only with oil countries and if they won't play the game his way, he is going to force them to. After all, it's his army, isn't it? And he has the power, doesn't he? And he can do anything he wants to do, can't he? And he's never made a mistake, has he?

A cowboy mentality – shoot first and ask questions later – seems to dominate his diplomacy. Then he surrounds himself with people who don't argue with him. What's a few soldiers anyway, it's his army and it's his country, isn't it? Once we get rid of some of the dissenters by using the “Patriot Act”, he'll have more control over the little people and be better able to lead them where he wants them to go. Just try to get in his way and he'll step on you just like he did in Iraq. Who needs the rest of the world anyway?

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