Saturday, July 14, 2007

Saturday July 14, 2007 Looking for someone.

It's hard not to write about some of the events of the day when they are plastered on the news hour after hour - war, global warming, destroyed environment, terrorism, the fall of the dollar, the deficit, etc, etc, etc.

I long for the simpler days when all we worried about were the sexual escapades of our president. We were at peace and everybody liked us and the budget was balanced and everything seemed to be falling into place. The future seemed bright and rosy. We had come through Y2K without falling apart and we were looking ahead to better days.

Things change.

Hopefully, they will change again in the future and we will get back on track. It feels right now that we have been derailed and somehow have lost the trail that leads to a brighter future. We need somone, who cares about all of us, to come to the forefront and lead us out of this mess.

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