Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Wednesday July 26, 2006 Golden moments

The other day a good friend from my past died. It was sad and seemed such a waste because he was 64 years old and hadn't had the chance to enjoy any retirement years. It seemed that he had worked all his life just to reach the pinnacle and then died. This week I learned that my great grand niece Abigal died at the tender age of 7 months. She never had the chance to really learn about life. She was still struggling to learn about her body and the immediate world around her. She went to bed slightly sick and never woke up.

Life can seem so short, no matter how long we have. Who is worse off - the person who lives years and years only to die young or the child who never has a chance to enjoy any of the pleasures of life?

It is all a matter of perspective. No matter how long you live, there is always something you will miss. It's all about living each moment and loving every moment you live. Abigal was surrounded by love and attention for those few short months and enjoyed each sensation as she discovered it. She never knew the heartbreak or pain of losing loved ones. She never knew the joys of accomplishment. She did know love. Whenever our time comes, it is never convenient – it is just a natural part of life and if we haven't enjoyed every golden moment, it is our own foolish fault.

Are you ready?

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