Saturday, June 03, 2006

Saturday June 3, 2006 Little known facts

Bush energy plan whacks conservation
More than a dozen efficiency efforts are set for trims or elimination as the administration pushes long-term projects.
By Mark Clayton

A few years ago a little-known US Energy Department program helped produce a design technology for lightweight cars and trucks that in 2004 alone saved the nation 122 million barrels of oil, or about $9 billion.
Even without that breakthrough, the tiny Industrial Technologies Program routinely saves the United States $7 worth of energy for each dollar it spends, proponents say.
So, with energy prices spiking and President Bush pushing for more energy research, the ITP would seem a natural candidate for more funding. In fact, its budget is set to get chopped by a third from its 2005 level. It's one of more than a dozen energy-efficiency efforts that the Energy Department plans to trim or eliminate in a $115 million cost-saving move.

You can say the right words and sound sincere, but your actions really tell the story.

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